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Who We Are

Our team is made up of an eclectic mix of people, collectively possessing a variety of skill sets that include - UX designers, analysts, animators, programmers, web designers, engineers, managers, musicians, artists, photographers, song writers, film makers, actors, writers, sound designers, thespian, editors...

  • Tapas Mukherjee Head - Production

    Tapas is a dynamic eLearning experience designer with 10 years of experience. He leads the rich media production function at AmazAntz and ensures that the right levels of service and quality are delivered to the clients.He works in close contact with his team members and tries to resolve issues in all possible ways.

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  • Prabal Banerjee Head - Production

    With over 12 years of eLearning experience in various industry verticals, Prabal currently leads AmazAntz’s lean media production team. His experience in multimedia designing and development helps the team deliver tasks on time and budget. He has an artistic hand.

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  • Tamal Majumder Team Lead - Media

    Tamal, a new-age designer and creative artist; leads the media team of AmazAntz which caters to the elearning industry as well. He ensures that the right levels of service and quality are delivered to the clients. He works closely with the team heads and engages with prospects to work out solutions for new projects.

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  • Saravana Srinivasan R Head - Technology

    Ensuring a robust and high performing IT infrastructure is Saravana’s responsibility. He also has vast experience in making courseware compliant with eLearning standards like SCORM and AICC and integrating them into different Learning Management Systems.

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  • Dipan Saha Head - Content

    Over a decade's experience in research & analysis, training, instructional design, instructional writing, communications, content development and project management; passionate about helping people learn and grow. He helps in analyzing organizations’ goals as well as learners’ needs and accordingly design the best possible learning solutions.

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  • Ajit Kumar Debnath Head - Accounts

    Ajit Debnath, a veteran Accountant who knows the ins-and-outs of the financial operations that is required for the effective functioning of an organization. He has more than 25 years of experience. He is looking after the AmazAntz’s Accounts and Finance Section.