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Learning Solutions

Project: Bharat

Client: SaveLIFE Foundation, India

Industry: Non-Profit

Challenge: Professional truck drivers are an integral part of our society. They are the harbingers of life itself, in the way that they traverse thousands of miles to pick and deliver articles we use every day; beginning from the basic food items to even the most luxurious automobiles. However, road accidents, just like others, affect truck drivers too. Therefore, Save Life Foundation has come forward a novel way of training truck drivers in India, and perhaps globally later, of safety on road.

How we solved: We at AmazAntz have presented the program as an interactive learning- ware that not only discusses, teaches and makes the drivers practice the different nuances of road safety, but goes beyond it and purports a wholesome upping of the lifestyle of the drivers, through hygiene, good habits, etc. From the very ice-breaker rounds, to the ultimate assessments, there will be division of teams. This immediately builds up an instinct of healthy competition and thus motivation among the drivers to learn and improve.

Since the truck drivers were from different regions of the country, Hindi language was chosen as the medium of instruction. An anchor, as character created by Amazantz, was woven into the program. The anchor resembles the target audience in spirit and language. The localization was also done through implementing folklores, interesting stories, songs, poems, jingles, real life incidents, engaging texts, and graphics.