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Learning Solutions

Project: Jeevan

Client: SaveLIFE Foundation, India

Industry: Non-Profit

Challenge: SaveLife Foundation, a non-government organization in India, is committed to improve road safety and emergency care across India.

The need was to create training program for the police personnel, pedestrians and first responders about the Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) of road accidents, based on the 3Cs: Check, Call, and Care.

AmazAntz analyzed the audience which was cross-country based and mostly the policemen and bystanders in the age group of 16 to 80 years. It was also analyzed that with the rising road accidents, almost 80% victims do not achieve access to any care within the Golden Hour, which is the most crucial time after an accident.

How we solved: Our team of learning experts, content and visual designers created an engaging learning course. Use of graphics engaged the learner who was taken along the course through a blend of activities and simulations of real life scenarios and work procedures provides the audiences with first-hand knowledge with regards to “how to response” if anyone is faced with such situation anywhere and anytime.

An anchor, as character created by Amazantz, was woven into the program. The anchor resembles the target audience in spirit and language. The localization was also done through implementing folklores, interesting stories, songs, poems, jingles, real life incidents, engaging texts, and graphics.