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Learning Solutions

Project: Kiran

Client: GSK, India

Industry: FMCG

Challenge: GSK is a global consumer healthcare company with a mission to enrich the health and well being of people across the globe. GSK has launched an initiative called “Village Level Entrepreneurship (VLE)” to expand the reach of their rural market. This initiative creates livelihood opportunities for rural women as well as building access for the company in remote locations.

GSK needed to develop a program to teach their VLE and VRSR (VLE Rural Sales Representatives) about the “VLE” initiative and motivate them to take their rural market development to new heights.

How we solved: AmazAntz analyzed the audience, which were basically rural women who were spread across the country. The women in the age group of 30 to 45 years were the target group who belong to the lower strata of the society and lack proper education and knowledge. AmazAntz felt the necessity of making the program in Hindi in order to address cultural identity.

An anchor, as character created by Amazantz, was woven into the program. The anchor resembles the target audience in spirit and language. The localization was also done through implementing folklores, interesting stories, songs, poems, jingles, real life incidents, engaging texts, and graphics.