Channel Partner FAQ

Sales Experience

Partners are required to have experience in selling products related totechnology solutions, education, educational technology etc.

Market Presence

Partners are expected to have both online and offline presence in the market and also the potential to extend boundaries for e-learning services.

Domain Knowledge

The partners should possesssome basic knowledge of education management and relevant terminologies.


Positive Reputation

Positive reputation of the partner in the market arena is too necessary in terms of customer reviews, ratings, successful case studies, whitepapers, etc.

Physical Office

The potential partner who is looking out to be in partnership with AmazAntz must possess a physical office on the regional space.

Adjunct Solutions:
Adjunct Solutions, LLC, has over twenty years of consulting experience in creating content for learning and development programs in various organizations.
Their industry experience ranges from telecommunication to third party logistics to transportation to healthcare and pharmaceuticals. They have over five years of experience developing content designed to address the stringent requirements of the FDA, EU, CLIA and other state regulatory agencies.