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Channel Partner

AmazAntz is looking for channel partners to sell its S.I.M.P.LE Learning solutions in different geographic locations.

Currently searching for Channel Partners in US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Any organization having the capacity and potential to sell our S.I.M.P.LE learning solutions in different geographic locations can become our Channel Partner. Organizations like training companies, independent software vendors, consulting firms, LMS service providers, content service providers, skill development companies, change management companies and HR solutions providers.

Individuals or organizations with the following will be preferred Channel Partners.

Sales Experience

Partners are required to have experience in selling products related totechnology solutions, education, educational technology etc.

Market Presence

Partners are expected to have both online and offline presence in the market and also the potential to extend boundaries for eLearning services.

Domain Knowledge

The partners should possesssome basic knowledge of education management and relevant terminologies.

Positive Reputation

Positive reputation of the partner in the market arena is too necessary in terms of customer reviews, ratings, successful case studies, whitepapers, etc.

Physical Office

The potential partner who is looking out to be in partnership with AmazAntz must possess a physical office on the regional space.

No. There is no upfront investment required to become our Channel Partner.

Lucrative Commission

For putting utmost efforts, our partners areoffereda handsome amount of commission as per industry standards. The amount of commission increases withthe level of increased sales.

Product Demos

AmazAntz will provide access and share project prototypes to organizations partnering with us.

Sales Support

AmazAntz will provide its Channel Partners with adequate marketing and sales collaterals to help them stay ahead in the competitive market.

Market Research

On the basis of our work experience, we will share our diversified knowledge with our partners and help them understand the industry better and grow alongside.

Add On Services with Zero Investments

Join AmazAntz as a Channel Partner and enhance your offerings and revenue with zero investments.

Customized LMS

AmazAntz’s customized LMS eLspace is SCORM compliant and is an industry standard for eLearning interoperability.

Existing Channel Partners:

Edexcare Learning Services India is the brain child of qualified professionals graduating from elite institutes of technology and management, each with over two decades of rich and diversified corporate exposure in fields spanning engineering project management, financial planning, overseas education, learning & development in India and abroad.