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Learning Solutions

With the growth of multinational multi division organizations, maintaining a standardized process of knowledge sharing across locations, divisions and hierarchy becomes all the more critical. The gap between experts and learners leads to a soulless learning system. Add to this the challenge of creating market-ready, skilled workforce for various industries. We have a solution ready and it is very S.I.M.P.LE

Our training puts the learner above everything else, addressing learner needs in an engaging manner. It provides the retention of a self-paced training, as well as the fun and joy of group collaborative learning.

AmazAntz has its own proprietary Learning Management System – eLspace – which is fully SCORM compliant, containing elements of Tin Can API & mlearning.
Built on the S.I.M.P.L.E principle, eLspace is a robust and flexible platform to support both blended learning and 100% online courses. It enables organizations to train large teams present in different geographies as well as track the learners’ progress. The various experiences and peer-to-peer interactions of a learner are recorded within eLspace, extending the learning experience beyond the learning content.

eLspace is…
Developed on Microsoft .NET platform.
A cloud-based solution.
An LMS that allow you to easily upload and share your training materials: SCORM/ TinCan API, PPT, PDF, Video files and more!
A platform that lets different programs of Flash and HTML to be run on it.

Custom eLearning

Though eLearning is fundamentally built on electronic learning, we go beyond that and ensure that ‘e’ becomes engaging, exciting and entertaining.

Rapid Learning

With some modern age software and rapid authoring tools, we are capable of creating the most revolutionary learning programs, most rapidly!

Translation and Localisation

It’s important for us to reach out to as big a target audience as possible, and thus we also specialise in translating and localising our programs.

Blended Learning

We bring about an effective combination of different delivery methods, training models and learning techniques, and apply them in an interactive learning environment with meaning, to create the right blend of education.

Impactful collaborative learning for a group of learners –
Making training engaging and effective

Facilitator-led Training or Instructor led Training (ILT), known as Group Collaborative Learning (GCL) lets learners work and learn together in groups, on some structured activities. A facilitator or instructor helps in the entire training procedure and simplifies the learning experience for the learners. GCL training programs are much more fun to attend since these programs provide the learners with an opportunity to learn together.

We, at AmazAntz, create GCL learning programs in such an engaging and interactive manner that it replaces the requirement of a physical trainer in the classroom. Hence, our programs remarkably decrease training costs. On the other hand, the use of rich graphics, animations, audio, video, songs, jingles, interactive games, role-play exercises, simulations, and case studies in our GCL programs helps in overall knowledge retention of the learners making them much more effective.

Features & Benefits:

    • Standardize, effective and engaging
    • Story and scenario based learning
    • Interactive games and role-play exercises
    • Active participation of learners
    • Reinforced learning and increased retention
    • Ease of localization

Case Study:
Enhanced Effectiveness of First Responders


SaveLIFE Foundation, India

SaveLIFE Foundation, a non-government organization in India, is committed to improve road safety and emergency care across India.
The need was to create training program for the police personnel, pedestrians and first responders about the Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) of road accidents, based on the 3Cs: Check, Call, and Care.
AmazAntz analyzed the audience which was cross-country based and mostly the policemen and bystanders in the age group of 16 to 80 years. It was also analyzed that with the rising road accidents, almost 80% victims do not achieve access to any care within the Golden Hour, which is the most crucial time after an accident.

How we solved:
Our team of learning experts, content and visual designers created an engaging learning course. Use of graphics engaged the learner who was taken along the course through a blend of activities and simulations of real life scenarios and work procedures provides the audiences with first-hand knowledge with regards to “how to response” if anyone is faced with such situation anywhere and anytime.

The value delivered:
AmazAntz had helped SaveLIFE Foundation to provide a wholesome training to all these resources (policemen and bystanders) who can be the first responders of emergency support in saving lives by providing basic life-saving skills with usage of bare two hands.

Tutoring at learner’s pace and convenience –
Enhanced learning experience without any disruption of schedules

Self-paced learning allows the learners to go through the content over and over again at their convenient schedules and own pace. Self-paced courses discard the need of matching your learning speed with that of others in live or virtual classrooms. When an organization requires a large number of learners to complete any training, this method of learning is simply an ideal choice.

Our team at AmazAntz designs media rich, high quality self-paced courseware that learners can absorb at their own pace without the constraints of schedule changes. We patiently listen to your requirement and prepare self-paced courses accordingly.

Features & Benefits:

    • Asynchronous learning
    • Convenient and flexible learning
    • Suitable for large courses
    • Ease of localization
    • Increased learner engagement
    • Lower training costs

Case Study:
Operational Readiness – Onboarding reduced by 50%


BPL Plasma, USA

BPL Plasma, a US-based pharma company and a leader in its industry segment, required to rapidly induct new joiners into its workforce. The need was to reduce the operational readiness of the new workforce by 50%.
AmazAntz analyzed the audience which was youthful, and they preferred to learn on their own, instead of being in a classroom and at their own time.

How we solved:
Our team of learning experts, content and visual designers created an interactive learning course. Use of graphics engaged the learner who was taken along the course through a blend of activities and simulations of real life scenarios and work procedures to give the new employees a first-hand feel of their jobs.

The value delivered:
AmazAntz had helped BPL Plasma reduce their induction period from four weeks to a little over two weeks and also helped the new employees have greater retention of their learning which led to a far more efficient workforce.

Super-quick learning solutions with customized content –
Saving both your time and money

While creating eLearning solutions, time is of serious concern. Rapid Learning helps in complying with timelines by delivering quick, short yet beneficial modules. Rapid Learning Tools save plenty of time by creating eLearning content for urgent training requirements. It is the quickest way of training staffs on new products, policy changes, system upgrades etc.

We, at AmazAntz, using Rapid Learning Tools create media rich and immensely engaging modules that match your tight timeline. Our years-long experience in understanding the tools helps make the course development quicker and more economical.

Features & Benefits:

    • Cost and time saving
    • Multi-device compatible solutions
    • Concise and swift procedure
    • Use of existing, unused resources
    • Better use of subject matter experts
    • More control over maintenance and updates

Case Study:
Optimizing energy performance

Bottle Green

Concentrix, India

Concentrix needed to create awareness among their employees about the importance of environment and related issues. The organization urges its employees to be a part of this initiative and wholeheartedly participate in this course.

How we solved:
AmazAntz developed an interactive learning module to train their employees on the nuances of environmental issues and their impacts on human lives.

The value delivered:
Global warming has declined the earth’s environment to disturbing degrees. The eLearning program, with cutting-edge technology, trained the employees to make themselves aware of the contemporary situations, and do their part in saving the environment.

Learning on the go… just on your fingertips –
Grasp it all on the move!

To keep at par with busy life schedule, learners prefer using latest technology and storing educational content in personal pocket devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. This is where Mobile Learning has emerged as a prominent way of seamless learning. With faster internet accessibility and more affordable smartphones, Mobile Learning seems to be an easier and better learning solution.

At AmazAntz, we strongly affirm that Mobile Learning will soon develop into a compulsive mode of training. Focused on edutainment, our courseware comes with a difference and smoothly run on multiple mobile devices and operating systems.

Features & Benefits:

    • Multi-platform learning solution
    • Navigation and simple interactivitys
    • Engaging course content
    • Decreased training expense
    • Fits all learning environment
    • Personalized learning experience

Case Study:
Enhanced workforce effectiveness


A Private Bank

The bank required professional help to train their customers regarding various basic banking procedures including form fill up for Know Your Customer (KYC), opening accounts, applying for loans etc.

How we solved:
Team AmazAntz developed an interesting mobile application through which customers can login to their account and undergo necessary procedures following the provided guidelines and videos. The app has small learning nuggets regarding KYC, opening accounts, loans etc. and will act as a handy guide for the customers.

The value delivered:
The development of the Mobile App led to an enormous increase in the number of customers. Different banking procedures, especially filling up KYC form, were made easy and hassle-free for the bank’s customers.

Learning through exciting games –
Educate your staffs without creating any boredom

Game based learning (GBL) is devised to balance the core subject matter with interactive games and simulations. It remarkably improves learning outcomes by making learners practice in a virtual work environment and learn from mistakes. Therefore, the ability of the players to retain the knowledge and apply it to the real world also increases.

At AmazAntz, we have a skillful bunch of people capable of developing an entire course on a gaming platform. Our team is also a pro in incorporating fun and interactive games into regular eLearning courses that grab learner’s attention.

Features & Benefits:

    • Story-based or character-led games
    • Fun and engaging learning solutions
    • Highly reciprocal custom solutions
    • Incorporating healthy competition
    • Better budget utilization
    • Improved imagination power

Case Study:
Safety for two-wheelers…ensured!

Safety Ka Safar

A Telecom Company

The need was to find an innovative way to train/engage road users through an engaging and effective road safety training program.

How we solved:
AmazAntz proposed a learning program – “Safety Ka Safar” where the learner gets a unique avatar in the form of a biker. The learning process is built on a set of challenges which is to be completed by the biker to reach his destination from the starting point.
When the game begins, the learner is shown a complete map of the road to his destination, which has a maze of roads and pathways. These ways are seen to be obstructed with certain road-blocks, which are the challenges. One can consider them as “levels” of a video game. So, when the biker starts playing (and learning), he faces a task that is to be completed.
Upon successful completion of the task, the road block vanishes and he moves on to the next level which brings him to a new challenge.

The value delivered:
We made the learning process interesting, interactive and at the same time highly educative. The game format helped the target audience play it with a lot of excitement and much engagement. The mobile learning platform was successful in making the target audience aware about road safety measures.

Plateful fun-filled, bite-sized modules –
Making learning courses short yet utterly effective

Nuggets are a newly invented approach of short capsules stuffed with information. These are too apt for today’s just-in-time performance-based learning requirements. It allows eLearning to fit an individual learner’s need. Learning nuggets are a stand-alone mini learning activity, playing for less than 5 minutes.

At AmazAntz, our talent pool of resources develops impactful and engaging customized content for our clients. Our qualified and passionate team takes into account your unique business needs to deliver learning nuggets accordingly. AmazAntz’s learning nuggets are unique in their approach and application.

Features & Benefits:

    • Short learning sessions
    • Imbibed with micro-games
    • Reduces information overload
    • Flexibility and ease of modification
    • Slashed training cost
    • Improved learner’s engagement

Case Study:
Offering quick and convenient learning with a compact product library


An FMCG company

The company required a technologically advanced solution that would work as a guide for their employees to learn and update their knowledge about the organization’s existing products.

How we solved:
The creative team of AmazAntz, with the use of engaging graphics and interesting quizzes, created learning nuggets that served the client’s requirement. The nuggets function as a 360 degree guide to a compact library comprising of the company’s entire product range. Each nugget is about 10-15 minutes long having interactive multimedia offering quick yet important product information. Apart from this, the employees are also notified about new assessments whenever any such is added to these nuggets.

The value delivered:
The compact nuggets have made it much easier, quicker and more convenient for its employees to learn about complete product details anytime, anywhere spending just a few minutes. Moreover, the quizzes enable them to check their understanding of the products the quickest way possible.

Enhancing effectiveness for multi-lingual audience –
Conquering the barrier of language with translated programs

To reach out to people of various geographical locations with different culture, translations and linguistic solutions of learning resources are a must. Translation experts convert learning modules to different languages as per client’s business needs without affecting the quality. While doing this, the target audience’s region of living and ethnic background are of major concern. The highly skilled wordsmiths of Team AmazAntz provide quality localization and translation services to the clients for extending their learning programs across borders, ensuring their goals are achieved. Our services of translation and localization are provided in all vernacular languages.

Features & Benefits:

    • Eliminates language barrier
    • Culture based customized modules
    • Reduced localization errors
    • Time and cost saving
    • Quality retention
    • Simpler learning experience

Case Study:
Awareness creation on accident prevention


SaveLIFE Foundation, India

SaveLIFE Foundation is a non-government organization in India. They are committed to improve road safety and emergency care across India.
The need was to create awareness among the truck drivers who are the harbingers of life itself, in the way that they traverse thousands of miles to pick and deliver articles we use every day; beginning from the basic food items to even the most luxurious automobiles. Since the truck drivers possess a very low level of education, there had been a requirement to make the program understandable for them.

How we solved:
AmazAntz analyzed the audience which was cross-country based. The truck drivers with their helpers in the age group of 16 to 80 years were the target group who belong to the lower strata of the society and lack proper education and knowledge. So AmazAntz felt the necessity of making the program in Hindi in order to address cultural identity among regions.
AmazAntz composed the entire script in Hindi. An anchor coming from the same background and with the same regional dialect as the truck drivers was also used for the program. The localization was also done through implementing folklores, interesting stories, songs, poems, jingles, real life incidents, engaging texts, and graphics.
AmazAntz’s team of learning experts, content and visual designers created an engaging learning course. Use of graphics engaged the learner who was taken along the course through a blend of activities and simulations of real life scenarios and the work procedures provided the audiences with first-hand knowledge with regards to the techniques of saving their as well as other’s lives.

The value delivered:
AmazAntz had helped SaveLIFE Foundation provide a constructive training called Zara DekhkeChalo, based on ADAPT (Anticipatory Driving and Accident Prevention Training) for the truck drivers in India to maintain safety on road. Through this program, AmazAntz had successfully fulfilled their aim of reaching people across the nation and spread awareness about road accidents.

Effective strategies and S.I.M.P.LE learning solutions –
Enhancing performance and organizational impact.

AmazAntz’s Learning Consulting service is exclusively tailored to suit your unique learning challenges. Our customized service helps in defining, implementing and evaluating talent management and learning related strategies. Our dexterity lies in unifying all necessary tools, approaches and techniques to provide you with the best possible solutions.
We are passionate about building an intense culture of learning for your organization. We help your company achieve business goals, optimize talent management and improve work performance. Follow our suggestions to experience better productivity, brand awareness and business growth.

Features & Benefits:

    • Skill gap analysis
    • Effective learning strategy
    • Architecting S.I.M.P.LE solutions
    • Implementation of learning solutions
    • Learning process enhancement
    • Performance evaluation

Case Study:
Enhanced workforce effectiveness – training costs slashed



Dominos needed to improve their workforce culture, effectiveness and at the same time reduce their training costs which were essentially delivered through face-to-face classroom trainings.

How we solved:
Dominos puts a lot of emphasis on employees acting as brand ambassadors for the organizations which includes even the way the delivery person conducts himself on the road while riding a motorcycle on home-delivery assignments.
AmazAntz suggested the client an interactive training program to educate their Special Delivery Persons (SDPs) about riding safely. They were also advised to distribute takeaways such as stickers, key chains etc. kind of merchandize to reinforce the learning.
As they nodded at the suggestion, AmazAntz delivered an innovative interactive learning solution using gaming like graphics. It was built on the essential safe driving skills necessary for Special Delivery Persons (SDPs). It enabled learners to acquire a realistic feel of the problems they face on the road and how to counter those.

The value delivered:
The course not only trained the new workforce on riding safely but also helped Dominos improve delivery effectiveness through reduced traffic incidents. At the same time it aligned the employees with the corporate culture and brand identity of the organization. The takeaway merchandizes were exceptionally effective in reminding their employees to be aware at the road while delivering pizzas.

We create content for:

  • Induction training – Designed to make employees familiar with the organization’s policies, mission & vision
  • Workplace Safety training – Making employees emergency-ready and equipped with decision making abilities
  • Sales training – Capacity building programs for the sales force of organizations across diverse sectors
  • Soft skills training – Empowering people employed in the service industry to serve customers better
  • Product knowledge training – Presenting product information to all stakeholders in an engaging manner
  • Train the trainer – Training program for teachers, educators & facilitators to deliver more focused training