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  • Imran Ahmed Co-Founder & CEO

    Imran heads AmazAntz with his domain specific expertise in Learning Solutions and ensures that products and solutions are completed on time and on budget for the success of our partners. Imran is a new age entrepreneur with a vision to leave a strong footprint in the world, empowering the human race with the ideas, that make people more independent in thinking, and more eloquent in communication.

    Skilled with analytical, managerial and leadership competencies, Imran has driven projects for various Blue Chip companies across diverse domains like Oil and Gas, Consumer Products, Travel and Tourism, Automobile, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Education and Entertainment.

    A social entrepreneur by heart, Imran nurtures an arts and media organization known as PhotoPeer, building a community of artists and art enthusiasts to enable expressions and raise questions on contemporary issues.

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  • Atanu Chowdhury Co-Founder & COO

    Atanu is a senior operations executive with extensive industry experience in corporate sales, financial management, strategic planning, and transition management. Holding an industry experience of about 17 years, he has been instrumental in setting up fully functional organizations by designing sales strategy, driving the sales force, streamlining operational activities, and contributing to their growth in various capacities.

    With thorough analytical knowledge & leadership, he has served diverse industries such as insurance, agro, media & education. With his proficiency in setting up systems & processes he has worked with Indian Idol Academy, ZEE Education & Centre for Educational Technology - IIT KGP.

    Young at heart, he is a passionate singer and keyboard player. A Black Belt holder in Kyokushin Karate, he has immense passion to do anything that gives him an adrenaline rush.

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  • Anupam Dasgupta Co-Founder & Creative Director

    Anupam, who has been in the industry for over 15 years, spearheads AmazAntz’s innovation efforts by leading its design strategy & development initiatives. He possesses expertise in blending instructional design with creative use of multimedia. He guides other creative associates on conceptualization, production methodology and design finalization with his experience in e-learning and interactive multimedia design, along with strong visual design and project management skills.

    Anupam's professional prowess lies in User Experience Design, Visual Scheming, Project Management, and quality checking. He is responsible for guiding a team and developing their skill sets.

    Being intensely passionate about theater, Anupam leads a theater team and writes and directs plays several time. His other interests are photography, illustrations and typography.

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