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Welcome to our new AntHill

Dear reader, here comes the first blog from AmazAntz. What took us so long, you might be wondering. Well, we were busy moving in to our new anthill. As more antz started joining our colony, a little more space would have made all of us happier; in fact, allowed us to give each other more space, too.

So the scout began. After dumping many a swanky corporate cubicle, we zeroed in on a small but large enough, old but new enough apartment in a big four storeyed mansion on Southern Avenue, one of the elite neighbourhoods of traditional Calcutta.

A place where window sills are home to many pigeon families. Where cool breeze from the Lake prompt us to switch off the AC and open the windows. The long mosaic corridor give a haunting feel at night; unlike the quaint balcony that has witnessed numerous brainstorming sessions. A place where we feel at home while romancing with Articulate, Lectora, Mobile Applications and the latest trend in Digital Marketing. We are people with creative hearts and souls, and the yellow and black boxes that we use as desks, are only storing our ideas… quite following the ritual of our antz-cestors! That pretty much paints a word-picture of our new haven. So, come forward, and let’s drink to an amazing future, with a ‘shot of glucose’!


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