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Seasons Greetings

Evolution of Learning

A new year is about a new beginning, and the year of 2015 has brought all kinds of new beginnings for us. Right from actually founding our anthill, our working haven, our enclave; to starting to build our army; to actually raising our heads before the world; we are running high on energy, thanks to our ‘shot of glucose’!With this shot of joyful optimism, we have taken a new step in wishing you a happy new year, through e-learning. ‘E’ is not electronic here, it is entertaining, engaging, and enlightening. Did you ever think that a calendar can disperse knowledge? Well, that’s where we antz stand apart from the crowd, to amaze you...

The history of learning is as old as the history of the human race. From igniting fire to inventing the wheel, we have been constantly learning a thing or two about the universe. From cave paintings to scriptures to mobile games, learning has also come a long way. In the pages of this calendar, we portray the evolution of human learning through the ages. Come, let’s get serious about having some fun!


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