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    Building Capabilities, Creating Competencies
    and Optimizing Performances.
  • Learning Made S. I. M. P. L E
    Scalable, Interactive, Measurable, Practical
    Learning Experience
  • Learning Experience Design
    Designing experiences to ensure learning

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Our Edge

SIMPLEfied Learning

AmazAntz walks on the path of S.I.M.P.LE methodology to reach out to the maximum number of learners with lucid courses.

Blended Learning Methods

We create learning experiences across different ways including online, offline and mobile and provide a 360 degree training to help learners develop their skills.

Scenario Based Modules

With the effective use of scenario based learning, peer-to-peer learning benefits to a great extent making courses easier to understand.

Knowledge for All

Team AmazAntz’s forte lies in constructing effective and apprehensible learning solutions that benefits even the lower strata of learners.

Bridging Language Gap

AmazAntz offers translation and localization services to convert training modules into multiple local languages and dialects, enhancing their learning experience.

Unique LMS Platform

AmazAntz’s LMS “eLspace” helps organizations automate the management, track eLearning trainings and measure the professional growth in learners

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