Learning Solutions

With the growth of multinational multi division organizations, maintaining a standardized process of knowledge sharing across locations, divisions and hierarchy becomes all the more critical. The gap between experts and learners leads to a soulless learning system. Add to this the challenge of creating market-ready, skilled workforce for various industries. We have a solution ready and it is very S. I. M. P. L. E !

Our training puts the learner above everything else, addressing learner needs in an engaging manner. It provides the retention of a self-paced training, as well as the fun and joy of group collaborative learning.


Can be replicated across multiple locations and provided to multiple employees.


Allows the learner to interact with the training module.


Effective system in place to track & monitor the learner’s progress.


Uses the various elements of pedagogic learning, wherever relevant.

Learning Experience

The learner takes home the experience of a lifetime.

AmazAntz has its own proprietary Learning Management System – eLspace – which is fully SCORM compliant, containing elements of Tin Can API & mlearning.
Built on the S.I.M.P.L.E principle, eLspace is a robust and flexible platform to support both blended learning and 100% online courses. It enables organizations to train large teams present in different geographies as well as track the learners’ progress. The various experiences and peer-to-peer interactions of a learner are recorded within eLspace, extending the learning experience beyond the learning content.

eLspace is…
Developed on Microsoft .NET platform.
A cloud-based solution.
An LMS that allow you to easily upload and share your training materials: SCORM/ TinCan API, PPT, PDF, Video files and more!
A platform that lets different programs of Flash and HTML to be run on it.

AmazAntz offers its proprietary solution eLtouch based on S.I.M.P.L.E (Scalable, Interactive, Measurable, Pedagogic, Learning Experience) methodology, exclusively designed for mobile platforms. The solution is Seamlessly Scalable, Empathetically Engaging and Easy to Deploy. It has zero distribution cost and doesn’t require a trainer or facilitators. It can also track and measure learners' progress and provide accurate assessment.

eLtouch is…
Scalable – As it is designed on a mobile platform learning can happen anytime, anywhere.
Interactive – It uses latest smartphone technology & features where learners can interact with the content touch, flip, tap.
Measurable – The solution is integrated through a system where it can track & measure learner’s progress.
Pedagogic – It uses best learning theories to engage learners.
Learning Experience – Learners not only play or learn the content but get an engaging experience.

Custom Elearning

Though elearning is fundamentally built on electronic learning, we go beyond that and ensure that ‘e’ becomes engaging, exciting and entertaining.

Rapid Learning

With some modern age software and rapid authoring tools, we are capable of creating the most revolutionary learning programs, most rapidly!

Translation and Localisation

It’s important for us to reach out to as big a target audience as possible, and thus we also specialise in translating and localising our programs.

Blended Learning

We bring about an effective combination of different delivery methods, training models and learning techniques, and apply them in an interactive learning environment with meaning, to create the right blend of education.

We create content for:

  • Induction training – Designed to make employees familiar with the organization’s policies, mission & vision
  • Workplace Safety training – Making employees emergency-ready and equipped with decision making abilities
  • Sales training – Capacity building programs for the sales force of organizations across diverse sectors
  • Soft skills training – Empowering people employed in the service industry to serve customers better
  • Product knowledge training – Presenting product information to all stakeholders in an engaging manner
  • Train the trainer – Training program for teachers, educators & facilitators to deliver more focused training