Communication Solutions

Consumers and marketers face the problem of plenty in today’s world. In the age of high decibel marketing dominated by big media spenders, small and medium players find it difficult to break the clutter and get spotted. With consumers speaking different languages (digital, social media, interactive, etc.), the brand must communicate using these mediums. The language should be customized, contemporary and needless to say, S. M. A. R. T !

AmazAntz offers a bouquet of solutions to make a brand relevant and get noticed in today’s world. Read more about our SMART offerings.


Research | Planning | Analysis | Concept


Social Media | Online Marketing | Viral Campaign

Art & Design

Multimedia | Visual Design | UI/UX Design


Conversion | Custom Content | Cross Platform

Technology Development

Web Design & Development | Mobile Application | E-Commerce

Our expertise lies in the following:

  • Website design & development – Dynamic & responsive websites, rich in content that can open on any device
  • Interactive presentation – Redefining the mundane corporate presentation with interactivity
  • Social media campaigns – Making your brand or product popular in the social media
  • Corporate films & YouTube videos – Expertise of shooting corporate AVs with best-in-class infrastructure
  • Mobile application – Designing stunning UX/UI for mobile applications